22. November 2012 - Technik-News

+2 Button Integration Social share privacy from Heise

This is a translation of "2 Klicks für mehr Datensicherheit" by Jürgen Schmidt published in the c´t magazine in 09/2011 with the intention of helping international developers to embed the +2 button in German websites.

2 clicks for more data protection

More and more websites incorporate "Like it"- buttons by facebook, google+ and twitter. Due to these buttons data is transmitted to the network platforms when loading the website - and the user does not do anything to it. This data contains, next to the url of the current site, an identification by logged in users who are linked directly with a person. Facebook & co are thus enabled to build up complete browsing profiles of their users. As this contradicts our notion of data protection and privacy, heise online has created a two-step solution that only transfers data when allowed by the user. By default, this button does not forward data to third parties.



1.activate 2.recommend

Our concept is easy. By default, heise online embeds deactivated buttons that do not connect with the servers of facebook & co. Only by activating these buttons by the user and thus allowing to interact with facebook, google or twitter, the buttons turn active and bring about a connection. Only then, the user is able to give their "like it" with a second click. If the user is connected with a social network of his choice, this data is transmitted to facebook and google+ without opening a new window. There is a pop-up window with twitter, where the tweet can be edited.


A click on one of these buttons therefore means that the user allows data to be transferred to the social networks . But exclusively only for this site and for the chosen service. When turning to other heise sites, the deactivated button returns. Thus, social networks can be used without enabling them to create complete browsing profiles.



enable permanently and
accept data transmission

All buttons can be activated permanently.

Those who prefer comfort to data security are able to activate the button of their frequently used social network. The matching tick is set below the gear wheel icon and it is the same condition like on other websites: The button chosen is always directly active. This can also be undone later on with the gear wheel icon.




For webmasters

Here you will find instructions of how to integrate the 2-step solution in your website. 


<script type="text/javascript" src="/jquery.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/jquery.socialshareprivacy.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
if($('#socialshareprivacy').length > 0){


<div id="socialshareprivacy"></div>


For more information and details go to the heise project-site (German).

Examples of other websites

We are not the only ones using the two-step solution. Other well-knowns are as follows:

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